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In August of 1983, while playing for the New York Yankees, Dave Winfield threw a ball and killed a Seagull. He was subsequently charged with cruelty to animals, charges were later dropped. While trading crests in Ottawa the shape and slogan of the crest was obtained from a coroner in Kingston. The slogan means “Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down” Donato’s understudy was approached and he agreed to draw a caricature of an incident well known in 14 Division. Hence we have a seagull holding the bat. The University of Toronto was contacted in regards to translating 14 Division into Latin. As a result “XIV Legio” was added to the crest which means “Division of the Roman Legion” The last items to be added were the handcuffs and tonfa sticks.


14 Division 50th. Anniversary Reunion Friday June 3, 2016


133rd. Annual Toronto Police Games Saturday June 4, 2016


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