What a great way to express my feelings of how I am coping with the Corona Virus.
Since this lockdown, I have been living and enjoying my daughter’s B and B and Wellness Centre (Rising Spirit), just east of Orono, On.
I am trying to give her positive support so she will be able to reopen her new business, when it is time.
I have been spending my time gardening, watching and snapping photos of Mother Nature unfolding. A family of five goslings and several species of birds at the feeder.
Even hanging clothes outside, which takes me back to memories of my childhood.
Being an artist, I have painted five pictures, as well as decorating Easter balls to hang on the planters outside.
Besides this I have walked 3 km almost every day.
It certainly does not feel like work.
There has been much laughter and delicious food amongst us. I am so grateful.
I feel like I have been on a vacation and definitely have not missed the noise of city life.
I certainly feel at ease and am fortunate to be living at this home away from home.
An oasis in the country.

Phyllis Banks







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