Executive Team


Dennis Ewaniuk


Dennis has 38 years of policing experience in various roles. He spent 28 years working at 14 Division where his duties ranged from general investigations, drugs squad, and the plainclothes unit. He also administered the Case Preparation office. Dennis was elected to the Toronto Police Association in 1994 where he spent the next ten years as Director of Education and Research and Director of Member Services. Recognizing the importance of communication, Dennis established the Weekly Update, an information bulletin sent by the TPA to its members.

After his retirement, Dennis was elected as President of the TPPA in 2012 and was acclaimed in 2014. Initiatives introduced by Dennis during his leadership of the TPPA include: Designing, implementing and maintaining an interactive website. Encouraging and improving communication with the TPPA membership. Reviewing and updating the TPPA Constitution. Establishing the TPPA non-for-profit status. Updating the TPPA office furniture and equipment. Introducing electronic balloting. Widening the location of venues for the monthly General Meetings. Dennis was acclaimed President in 2016 and 2018.


Keith Bland

1st. Vice-President


Keith has over 33 years policing experience in various roles. He has worked in uniform, old clothes, CIB, and other specialized units. He was a Steward for the Toronto Police Association for a two year period while at 53 Division. Keith retired from 52 Division  in 2004 and was elected to 1st. Vice President of the Toronto Police Pensioners Association in 2014.

Keith was acclaimed 1st. Vice-President for another term in 2015 and 2017.

Noel Camilleri

2nd. Vice-President

Noel has over 34 years policing experience. His career included 20 years at 54 Division doing various duties and included secondments to 52 Division Major Crime, Homicide, Morality Drugs and the Gambling Squad. Noel was promoted to Sergeant and transferred to 53 Division. Noel was later transferred to the newly formed ARU Unit and then to the Headquarters Duty Desk. Noel worked his last 5 years at the Courts Bureau and he retired in 2010.

Noel was acclaimed as 2nd Vice President of the Toronto Police Pensioners Associationin 2014 where he continues to proudly serve the members and remains committed to improving the member’s status. Noel was acclaimed 2nd Vice President in 2016 and 2018.


Roger Dodson


Roger has 40 years of policing experience. He started his policing career with the City of Owen Sound Police Force in 1968 and then went to the Town of Wiarton. Roger joined the Toronto Police Service in 1975. Roger started at 55 Division doing general police duties, Court Liaison Officer, Administration, Station Duty, Booking Officer, Community Relations, C.I.B. and assisted with the Pilot Project for the Mini Station. Roger was then transferred to the Employment Office. Roger then moved onto the Staff Counselling Office where he was promoted to Sergeant and managed the unit for the next 11 years. He was then transferred to Employee and Family Assistance Program. Roger managed the unit until his retirement in 2008. Roger was a Chief Steward for the Toronto Police Association and is a Police Chaplain for the Toronto Police Service.

Roger was first elected as Secretary for the Toronto Police Pensioners Association in 2009. He was acclaimed Secretary in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017.


Susana Aguila

Executive Officer

My career with Toronto Police Service started in January 21, 1991.  I was a "coder" for the Records and Information Securities Unit. and after 6 months moved to a permanent position as the admin clerk for the Inter Community Relations Unit, a unit that handled the diverse communities in the GTA.
As the years gone by, the Unit had changed its name many times.   The Inter Community Relations underwent many transitions, it went to being amalgamated to another unit or disbanded and given another name.  It was renamed as Community Services, Community Programs, Community Relations, Community Mobilization, and finally Divisional Policing  Support Unit were I served till I retired in May 2016 as Sr. Admin/Acting Admin Coordinator.

Susana joined the Executive Team in January 2017