Membership Overview

Membership in the Toronto Police Pensioners Association (TPPA), is open to all retired uniform and civilian members of the (Metropolitan) Toronto Police Service, regardless of their rank or position, and regardless of where they currently reside (see the end of this page for the constitutional description of a member).  Benefits of being a paid-up member of the TPPA include, but are not limited to:
- 24/7 cell phone response to TPPA members, from one of the TPPA Executive Board members, for all emergency assistance requests

- Assistance provided when difficulties arise between a TPPA member and Green Shield when processing a medical claim

- Assistance is provided to TPPA members, including their spouses, with legal and other administrative matters resulting from the death of a family mem

- Financial assistance is provided to TPPA members for the preparation of a Will

- TV rental costs incurred by TPPA members, while in hospital. Up to $250. Per calendar year, will be reimbursed

- Provide Scholarships for children and grandchildren of our Active Members

- Access is provided to all TPPA members to our member data base, enabling them to locate and connect with fellow TPPA members

- Provide TPPA members reasonable use of our website for personal use, such as promoting functions, seeking support for a worthy cause, advertising items for sale, listing rental properties, etc.

on behalf of all TPPA members, we:
- maintain and constantly update a website to provide a constant stream of information and assistance to TPPA members, and war veteran members, worldwide

- provide regular email updates informing TPPA members:
when TPPA members are seriously ill (especially when confined to a hospital), when a TPPA member passes on, when employment opportunities arise, when we become aware of special product discounts, etc. - - and we do all this in a timely fashion

- whenever and as often as possible, visit TPPA members who are hospitalized or living in a nursing home environment

- whenever possible, attend the funeral of a deceased TPPA member

- liaise with the Police Service Board, on behalf of TPPA members, in relation to the Group Medical Health plans - including negotiating improvements wherever possible

- promote and subsidize various social functions throughout the year

- attend OMERS meetings and make representations on behalf of TPPA members

- provide personal support to the Police Pensioner Association of Ontario for the purpose of lobbying the Ontario Government for pension improvements and other issues affecting senior citizens

- assist the Toronto Police Association at various functions throughout the year

- constantly explore suggestions and opportunities to update, enhance and increase benefits for TPPA members

An Active Member shall be
(a) a person who has retired on pension or who has retired from and taken the commuted value of a pension from the Metropolitan Toronto or Toronto Police Service and has been accepted into membership,
(b) The spouse, child or grandchild of the foregoing
An Associate Member shall be a person of good character who had previously served with the Metropolitan Toronto Police Service or with the police force of an area municipality prior to amalgamation on January 1st 1957, and includes the Toronto Port Police and the Toronto Harbour Police,
An Associate Member shall not hold office.