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Cheque Presentation






Jenny Newton





Jenny Newton











Don Meads

When Don Meads was serving with the 5th Cdn. Armoured Div in England in 1943, just prior to being shipped out to Italy, he was the driver of an ACV (Armoured Command Vehicle) when they were given an unexpected Royal Inspection before they left. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother stopped to chat with him and he was surprised to find her genuinely interested about a country boy and life in rural Ontario. He almost thought he was going to get invited to afternoon tea

Fueling Sioux


RCAF 434

Bruce Preistman 1953

USS Elokomin

Frederick Topham





Jeff Alderice







Mark Yeandle
















Nicole Bailey







                                                                                                            Nicole Bailey

                                                                                                            She is receiving the Ontario Woman In Law Enforcement, Mentoring Award

                                                                                                                        Received the award for her work in Afghanistan.

















Kandahar Airfield























Torchy's Birthday

















Toronto Police Chief

Dennis C. Draper

DSO Bar WW1 Veteran

Served with the Canadian Mounted Rifles




Canadian Mounted Rifles


























1926 Parade


































Norm Lindsay


Police Pipe Band 1922


Tom McNamara














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Mark Yeandle


Mark Yeandle



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